Our way of hand picking and selecting only the on-point ripe cherries is one of the key parts in the production of our high quality coffee.  We are very lucky that our team of pickers is almost the same every year, which results in a very even selection of cherries and allows our quality to be consistent. 



The carefully hand picked cherries are processed in a traditional wet mill. After de-pulping and fermenting, the coffee is washed with clean water. Then, the coffee is dried patiently in concrete patios or African beds inside greenhouses.

Greenhouses were made exclusively to improve the quality of the drying process, and also to allow us to accomplish processing methods like Naturals and Honeys, or any other process our clients request.

After the target humidity level is reached, the coffee is stored in warehouses. Finally, in the dry mill, the coffee is sorted by weight, size, density, and color, until a special and clean preparation is achieved.



Once our lots are ready, we move on to a very enjoyable part of the process, the offering and selling of our coffee. Every year, we are honored when our buyers come visit us in Guatemala. We usually take them in a tour of the farms, show them the progress we’ve made over the year, and share a delightful cupping session for our friends to choose the lots that they like best. In other cases, we select coffees for our customers and we send samples for them to cup at home and send us their feedback on which lots they liked. After the selections are made, we prepare the coffees for exporting and pack them in well-examined containers ready to be shipped across the world.