Many children go to school only for a couple of years because their parents can't afford their education. We started this program in order to support the farm workers with their children’s education, providing them the opportunity to continue in school. We believe education is what will make the difference in the lives of the families at Santa Clara and will give each child the chance of a brighter future.



The Santa Clara's Scholarship Program started in 2011, when the farm sponsored the first 8 children who excelled the most in their academic performance. Thanks to our supporters, the program keeps growing every year. Today we are happy to have 31 scholars! (7 of them are attending university).
There are 110 children and our goal is to sponsor the education of all of them through our program until they complete their studies. 



The scholar recipients are chosen based on their academic performance and financial need. The scholarship covers academic expenses, such as: tuition, books, school supplies, and uniforms. Some of our coffee buyers and friends from the coffee farm have become sponsors of specific students. Each year, we share with each sponsor a profile of their student or students and we include:  pictures, grades, thank you letters from the student and the program, and copy of the receipts and transactions.



The different amounts of yearly scholarships we provide depend on the students' education level. As the students progress in their education, the scholarship amount changes.

1st to 3rd grade = $100

4th to 6th grade = $120

Freshman-Junior Year High School = $170

Diversificado (Last 2 years of High School) = $430

High School Specialization in Coffee = $470

Public University = $520

Private University = $600

You can choose to make a general donation to the program or sponsor a specific child throughout their education. If you have any questions or would like to make a donation please don't hesitate to contact us.

CONTACT US: santaclarascholarshipprogram@live.com